Style your bookshelf with simplicity

How do you achieve a beautifully layered and balanced look? Whether you want to style a set of built-ins or a floating shelf these steps will help you put together a picture-perfect, yet personal and practical decor.

Our inspiration today comes from LA-based blogger and stylist, Anne Sage.

Mix book arrangements – try a mix of vertical and horizontal arrangements. This will break up the monotony and will be the foundation you will build on. Try to select books with pretty covers and keep accessible the ones you will want to grab on occasion.

Add in curated artwork - play with sizes. You can pair drawings with abstract paintings or photographs. It will give an extra layer to your scheme and it is perfect if you like change.

Display objects – think structural, play with materials and influences. Try to keep it minimalist but impactful as this will be a focal point so prefer larger pieces such as boxes or sculptures.

A touch of organic – bring it to life. The big trend right now is to add succulents and cactus but you can also bring in seashells and rocks. Stay true to what appeals to you.

Don't forget practicality – A bookshelf still needs to be practical. Adding baskets or boxes will provide you with storage space while remaining pleasing to the eye.

Design Tricks  1/ using white-covered books will bring the focus on the objects 2/don't be scared of empty space, it will draw the eye to focus on what matters.

Pictures from   - Space designed by

Pictures from  - Space designed by