Display the perfect gallery wall

Follow these simple guidelines to create your statement gallery wall.

Image credit:  Framebridge

Image credit: Framebridge

A dash of drawings, a spark of abstract paintings topped with a drop of photographs - create a story using different mediums. It’s also always interesting to mix in modernity with a vintage piece to achieve a more curated feel.

Mix frames colors and finishes – this will give a more authentic look to your wall; almost like each piece has been collected over time. BUT, try to keep it close to your color palette and stick to 3 different styles/colors.

Vary size and orientation - make it feel balanced by using both horizontal and vertical pieces. Throw in a few square ones if you can also.

Play with the layout – Lay your pieces on the floor or use masking tape to determine where each price should go and remember to keep them at least 1.25” apart.

Work your way outwards – start with your favourite item (not necessarily the largest), that will be your focal point, and then work your way around it. Balance and symmetry are essential to make your gallery work but it does not have to be related to size, it can be how colors are laid out.

Keep it personal and meaningful - use pieces that speak to your style and reflect your personality. Even throw in a few family photos or children’s drawings. 

Design Trick – a fun and inexpensive way to expand a gallery is to use old calendars, record sleeves... 

Image credit: Emily Handerson's  blog

Image credit: Emily Handerson's blog

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